Thursday, May 25, 2017

Are people over 60 cheapskates when it comes to digital products?

Take a look at this chart:
Infographic: Willingness to Pay for Digital Media Formats in the UK | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista

Looks like those over 60 are reluctant to buy digital media doesn't it? I remain unconvinced, especially where magazines are concerned.

I live in the UK and fall in that age bracket. I would choose the digital version in preference to a paper version. For me, it's far more convenient BUT in many cases I can't buy the digital version on it's own. I have to subscribe to the paper version and then pay extra for the digital version. In the few cases where I can buy a digital version on it's own, I get to pay VAT on my purchase which makes the digital version more expensive.

I would love to buy digital magazines but if I'm

  • not paying for the felling of trees, 
  • not paying for transport to pulp mills
  • not paying for making paper
  • not paying to transport paper to printers
  • not paying for magazines to be printed
  • not paying for the shipping cost of delivering the paper magazine
  • not paying for the eventual disposal of the magazine
then I'm damn sure I'm not going to pay extra for the digital version!

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