Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Ultimate Minecraft Survival cheat

How would you like to go into Minecraft in survival or even hard mode and be able to survive attacks, collect resources easily and never run out of food? Oh - and you can breath underwater!

Here's how to do this.
  1. Create or have available a world. Before you enter it you'll need to allow cheats to be used in it. To do that choose that 'More World Options…' button when you create the world
    and in the next screen turn 'Allow Cheats: ON'
    If you've already created the world in single player mode, press ESC, Open the game to LAN and you can then turn cheats on.

  2. Before you create the new world  copy the following lines of text into your paste buffer:
    give @p diamond_pickaxe 1 0 {ench:[{id:32,lvl:8},{id:34,lvl:1000},{id:35,lvl:1000},{id:70,lvl:1000}]}
  3. Enter the world and immediately press '/' then Ctrl V then press Enter. You'll get an enchanted diamond pickaxe.
  4. If you've spawned into the world on top of a hill or side of a mountain use the pickaxe to work your way to a low lying area. If you are attacked you'll find it's pretty effective as a weapon of defense too. Your pickaxe will dig through everything except bedrock and a few other blocks. I spawned in on the side of a hill and I'm going to move to that low area.
  5. Use the pickaxe to dig straight down four blocks deep. You should now be safe from attacks.
  6. Hollow out an area around you three high, five wide, five long.
  7. It will start to get dark so give yourself some torches by using this command in the same way as you got that pickaxe by typing in:
    /give @p torch 64
  8. Off one side of your area create a tunnel three high and three wide. It needs to be 13 blocks long. Light it with torches as needed. Obviously - dig it away from any cliff. Place a single row of twelve blocks down the middle of this tunnel. There'll be a gap at the far end.They will be removed later so can be any material. That green block at the top of the picture is where I started digging down.
  9. We now need some command blocks. Command blocks can only be placed in Creative mode so you'll need to switch to that mode by typing in /gamemode c
  10. You'll need to type in a command to get the command blocks:
    /give @p minecraft:command_block 1
  11. Jump onto that row of blocks and turn round place a row of command blocks on the top of the row. Because you are in creative mode they won't be used up. When you place them make sure you are pointing down and not at the previous command block you placed.
  12. You can now remove the row of blocks under the command blocks

  13. Next we have to configure each of the blocks in turn. This is done in creative mode by right clicking the block. You'll need to change each command block.
  14. Change each block as in the table below. You'll find it easiest to rightclick the command block then copy the command from here, change to the minecraft window and paste the commands in that.
  15. Block:  1
    Type: Impulse
    Power: Needs Redstone
    Command: /give @p diamond_helmet 1 0 {ench:[{id:0,lvl:1000},{id:1,lvl:1000},{id:3,lvl:1000},{id:4,lvl:1000},{id:5,lvl:9},{id:6,lvl:1000},{id:7,lvl:1000},{id:34,lvl:1000},{id:70,lvl:1000}]}
    The id:5 value can go up to 1000 but unless you have a clarity mod or something similar all you will see is a white blur. A value of 9 will greatly increase the time you can spend underwater though.
    Block:  2
    Type: Chain
    Power: Always Active
    Command: /give @p diamond_chestplate 1 0 {ench:[{id:0,lvl:1000},{id:1,lvl:1000},{id:3,lvl:1000},{id:4,lvl:1000},{id:7,lvl:1000},{id:34,lvl:1000},{id:70,lvl:1000}]}
    Block:  3
    Type: Chain
    Power: Always Active
    Command: /give @p diamond_leggings 1 0 {ench:[{id:0,lvl:1000},{id:1,lvl:1000},{id:3,lvl:1000},{id:4,lvl:1000},{id:7,lvl:1000},{id:34,lvl:1000},{id:70,lvl:1000}]}
    Block:  4
    Type: Chain
    Power: Always Active
    Command: /give @p diamond_boots 1 0 {ench:[{id:0,lvl:1000},{id:1,lvl:1000},{id:2,lvl:1000},{id:3,lvl:1000},{id:4,lvl:1000},{id:7,lvl:1000},{id:8,lvl:1000},{id:34,lvl:1000},{id:70,lvl:1000}]}
    Block:  5
    Type: Chain
    Power: Always Active
    Command: /give @p diamond_sword 1 0 {ench:[{id:16,lvl:1000},{id:17,lvl:1000},{id:18,lvl:1000},{id:19,lvl:1000},{id:21,lvl:1000},{id:22,lvl:1000},{id:34,lvl:1000},{id:70,lvl:1000}]}
    Block:  6
    Type: Chain
    Power: Always Active
    Command: /give @p diamond_pickaxe 1 0 {ench:[{id:32,lvl:7},{id:34,lvl:1000},{id:35,lvl:1000},{id:70,lvl:1000}]}
    The id:32 value can go up to 1000 but it becomes difficult to mine a single block at 8 or higher. If you wish, set this value to 10 and get an un-enchanted pickaxe for mining single blocks (/give @p diamond_pickaxe 1 0).
    Block:  7
    Type: Chain
    Power: Always Active
    Command: /give @p diamond_axe 1 0 {ench:[{id:16,lvl:1000},{id:17,lvl:1000},{id:18,lvl:1000},{id:32,lvl:1000},{id:34,lvl:1000},{id:35,lvl:1000},{id:70,lvl:1000}]}
    Block:  8
    Type: Chain
    Power: Always Active
    Command: /give @p diamond_shovel 1 0 {ench:[{id:32,lvl:1000},{id:34,lvl:1000},{id:35,lvl:1000},{id:70,lvl:1000}]}
    Block:  9
    Type: Chain
    Power: Always Active
    Command: /give @p golden_apple 64 1 
    Block: 10
    Type: Chain
    Power: Always Active
    Command: /give @p arrow 64 0 
    Block: 11
    Type: Chain
    Power: Always Active
    Command: /give @p bow 1 0 {ench:[{id:34,lvl:1000},{id:48,lvl:1000},{id:49,lvl:1000},{id:50,lvl:1000},{id:51,lvl:1000},{id:70,lvl:1000}]}
    Block: 12
    Type: Chain
    Power: Always Active
    Command: /give @p torch 64
  16. While you are still in creative mode I suggest you make a small area with a 2 x 2 pool of lava, also place a bed in your 5 x 5 area and add a button to your inventory.
  17. You are now ready to go back to survival mode. Do that by typing:
    /gamemode s
  18. Now place that button on the first command block and right click it to press it.
Wow - Look what you get! And that doesn't show it all…
Pressing E will show your inventory. Hold down Shift and click on each of the armor items to wear them.
The armor you are wearing is extra strong and has the same effect as touching a cactus. You can breath under water. Anything attacking you will be repelled. Even if a creeper blows up next to you you should survive.
Eating one of the golden apples you have quickly restores your health if it drops
Your sword, pickaxe, axe and shovel are extra strong and deadly. Hit any food animal and you'll get LOTS of cooked food! Hit a spider and you'll be inundated with spider eyes and string. It's the same for any mob. If a mob does attack you they'll be killed by the thorns applies to your armor.
Your bow and the arrows are extra powerful. Even hitting something with the bow itself is deadly.
Your problem will now be, not getting killed, starving or drowning but having too many items. That's why I suggested making that lava pool to get rid of the excess. Oh - and if you accidentally fall into it, you'll have plenty of time to get out. The same is true if you accidentally embed yourself in sand or gravel.

By now it's probably night so use the bed and you'll reset your spawning point. If you should manage to get yourself killed by forgetting to eat apples when your health is low, you can quickly restore your equipment by pressing the button.

Over time your tools, armor and weapons will wear out but when that happens, just press the button to get a new set. Dispose of the old set in that lava pool

Of course you can now make yourself a storage area and an exit staircase to go explore your world.
If there are problems they will be having tools and weapons which work too quickly and collect too many resources but you can fix that by editing the enchantments in the command blocks. To do that requires another blog to show you how.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Grrr Twitter. You've made things much harder and less useful.

Twitter has stopped sending out individual notifications of replies, favorites, new followers, mentions and retweets. Instead they send a daily email 'Check out the notifications you have on Twitter.'
Their idea was to stop email accounts being flooded with Twitter messages. For some people that may help but for those who use mail filters to sort the former messages and keep a record of who followed you on which date the new daily email is useless because it simply opens the notification area of Twitter where you'll find the notifications unsorted.

  • Before I could quickly get a list of who had replied to my tweets and determine if action should be taken. Now I have to sort through the notification area.
  • Before I could see who retweeted something and retweet something of theirs. (Much more difficult since Twitter's last change when they stopped including a link to the tweep's page.)
  • Before I could quickly get an idea of which tweets were popular (OK I can use Twitter analytics to do that too)
  • Most importantly, before I could see who followed me and on what date. A week later I could visit their page and see if they still follow me. Those who unfollow within that week seldom make useful Twitter contacts. The previous emails from Twitter had a button 'Following' or 'Follow'. I could use email filters to mark 'read' those who I already follow and concentrate on new followers who I don't follow. Now I can't do that.
Thanks Twitter, in trying to be helpful, you've made things much harder which means I'll use Twitter less. 

Here's a suggestion for Twitter—give people the option of choosing the old individual emails OR the new daily notification in Twitter's settings. Default to the new settings and let the people who read instructions either choose no messages or detailed messages.

Here's a work around for recording your followers—Each day Twitter will send you that useless 'Check out the notifications you have on Twitter' You'll find it says something useless such as '@joebloggs and 48 others followed you on Twitter' If you are lucky you'll see icons for 14 of these people with no clue about the remaining 34.

I've found that I can create a 'Following' filter in ManageFlitter's Power mode to keep tabs on new followers. ManageFlitter costs $12 per month but I find it's worth it. It's possible the same sort of process could be set up with Crowdfire.

Here's what I set up with ManageFlitter power mode:
ManageFlitter now not only records who follows me but tells me how many hours/days/years ago someone followed me and also filters out a lot of those I wouldn't follow anyway. Since I never follow back until at least a week later it filters out all thos who follow and within days unfollow thosewho don't follow back. That means I now spend less time sifting through followers and Twitter's change might have done me a favour by forcing me to come up with a better method.

Maybe I'll withdraw that Grrr then Twitter.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Are there alien species in the Universe?

On earth there are many species of animals with varying degrees of intelligence. In the past there were several species of intelligent anthropoids. All evolved from a common source. The animals and plants too, evolved from a common source.
Experiments have shown that given the earth’s original atmosphere of carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide  and a source of energy such as lightning, solar radiation, hot rocks or maybe even radiation from other stars then complex molecules such as amino acids will be created and interact.
Given enough time and enough interactions simple forms of life may be created. The first would find conditions very hostile today and would quickly be consumed. In their time, however, there was no competition and a soup of food they could feed on. Here was your common source.
The sun and our solar system are probably very ordinary. Probably very common in the Universe which has an uncountable number of such similar systems. If a planet is the right distance from it’s sun for water vapor to condense to liquid water and is big enough to retain an atmosphere then it’s almost inevitable that life may be produced. Such life will evolve. Life may also evolve on planets which are very different to our own. It may even evolve using liquid ammonia instead of water. Perhaps life may even evolve in the atmosphere of some stars!
Wherever life evolves it will face multiple challenges. Extinction Level Events (ELE) such as impacts, solar flares, nearby supernovas, and now we've detected black hole collisions which are even more violent. All may kill life off but the process will start again. In some cases intelligent life may evolve and be lucky enough to survive long enough to ask this same question. 

“Are there alien species in the Universe?”