Tuesday, August 15, 2006

TV Adverts (or should that be Advertzzzzzzzz...)

While on holiday I've been watching a bit more TV than usual. As a result I've been exposed to a fair few TV adverts. Now having lived for a while in both the US and Canada I know that we in the UK get a better deal than elsewhere, we don't for instance, get adverts immediately after opening titles or just before the closing credits. But still - some of those adverts are soooo boooring! Others are intensely annoying, and yet more are unbelievably stupid.

So here's my list of adverts that I really hate and those I actually enjoy.

The stupid advert which features a football maniac phoning up for a loan whilst his grinning idiot wife videos everything with her video camera instead of snatching his football and throwing it out the window. It's so annoying I mute the sound every time it comes on. Now I know some adverts are designed to be annoying so we remember the name of the company/product but if that's the case here ... Who?

The NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) advert featuring children suffering. Isn't this a case of cruelty to children? Maybe some of them are brilliant child actors but that tot in the baby bouncer? Sorry NSPCC I'm NOT going to donate because no amount of money will stop some parents from being cruel and I'm certainly not going to help you pay for more of these adverts!

The Renault Megan adverts - funny, sexy and almost enough to make me interested in buying a very ugly car!


The Elephant insurance adverts - I have enough trouble staying awake in front of TV without them to send me to sleep!

Amusing - but not in the way they plan:

Years ago I was a member of the AA (Automobile Association). I quit and joined the RAC (Royal Automobile Club) after waiting for nearly 3 hours for a patrol to arrive when my car broke down. After watching the AA advert on TV I finally can figure out why it took so long - all their patrol men are off in Scotland making adverts!

Their latest advert says 95% of their members would recommend them. Now maybe they haven't noticed but that means 5% of their members are unhappy and won't be a member after their subscription runs out. Hey AA - you are losing 5% of your members every year!

Talking of unintentionally amusing adverts - remember these from the past?

  • 'Nothing acts faster than Anadin' - so take nothing and your headache will get better quicker.

  • 'Persil washes whiter' - Than mud?

So what adverts does everyone else like/dislike?


Anonymous said...

Latest favourite has to be the Nimble bread advert and it's effects on the waistlines of workers on a building site! Watch it here

Anonymous said...

There's one advert which should have been but never was made.
That Milky Bar Kid should have said "The milky bars are on me" and been buried by them!

John Chapman said...

That Nimble bread advert has moved. The new link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDi0NspRBe4